Monday, June 9, 2008

1st Snowboarder Mag Post

Now that homey Evan has moved over to Snowboarder Magazine their website has gotten way more legit. Got some photos and a little write up on there so check it out here. Some of the photos you've already seen, maybe some you haven't. More to come soon...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Chain Gang Steez

Ever seen The Shawshank Redemption? You know how the warden has this army of inmate workers doing all kinds of construction projects? Camp Improvement week is a lot like that. Everyone's got a shovel or a hammer or something in their hands pitching in to make Camp what it is; pretty sick. But all work and no play... you know how the saying goes, well, it's kind of appropriate seeing as some of The Shining was filmed up the road at Timberline. So to stay sane the staff has been throwing down mega skate sessions in the indoor park and cutting a little loose around The Ark. The other night after an early, rowdy start the party slowly moved to the back of The Ark for a bonfire. A few of us stragglers were still out front rolling some C-Lo later on around midnight when a procession of cop cars (the whole Sandy PD as it turns out) led by Tim himself rolled up. Nice. Sounds like they don't want the shenanigans to get too out of hand this year. We finally got the rails up to the zone the other day and got the first load of campers in today and it's dumping on the hill. Should be an interesting summer, at least it's still raining....

Here's a fun project, change a sled track on a crushed stone driveway with a raggety-assed half tool set. At least it stopped raining for like 23 minutes

If you look, even places like The Ark can be beautiful. My bathroom window view

This one is out my bedroom window a couple days later

Legge and Grinch holdin' down #10 at The Ark

Getting closer, load em up, ship em

Hood peeks out over Timberline Lodge

Seriously? This guy's in charge?

Anybody want a print? Support me homey, Diggers don't make shit!!! (notice the piff hit floating off in the lower right corner...)

John John and Borland lurking like stoney Ewoks in the forest

When we brought the rails up we broke through the clouds to some unfamiliar sun. This is the ski camp park

Siebs celebrates the sunlight under the peak of Hood

Some more art for your ass

Just another brick in the wall.....

"Total infinity bro, I'm tripping out..."

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