Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Daze

Well, looks like the hottest days of the year so far coincided with my busiest week of work. I know, the temps in Park City are nothing compared to Salt Lake but, it's still pretty hot up here. Finally got a day off and decided to head to the high country to get out of the heat. Fun day trying to find our way around an old trail I hadn't ridden in nearly 10 years, Tara Humarrah for some unreal human fuel, a dip in the hot springs and a nice sunset drive over Bonanza Flats back home. That was a nice day.

Still some wet spots out there up high, this guy was grabbin' a drink

Lots of this. No bike tracks anywhere.

London grinds it up

Surprised these girls and a bunch of their cousins. Definitely a bull lurking around somewhere by the number of little ones running with them

This guy was on the trail...

...and this girl too

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