Thursday, February 28, 2008

iChatting With the Homies, Pt. 1- Josh Sherman

Welcome to a new feature here at The Adventure Capitalist, a little thing I'm gonna call "iChatting With the Homies" where from time to time I'll post up some conversations with, well, yeah, you guessed it, the homies.  For part one we've got Josh Sherman, aka Big Sherm.  Sherm is a young shred from the snowboarding mecca of Wisconsin who after honing his skills took 'em to the Big Leagues of Summit County, Colorado, Breckenridge to be exact.  There he fell in with the rest of the Mid-Westerners that have made Breck their base of operations.  Guys like Mike Casanova and the GrandDaddy, Chad Otterstrom.  Here's what Sherm has been up to lately....

PS- Click on the pics to enlarge, makes 'em easier to read.

Josh Sherman getting it done for the Pirate Movie, Heber, UT, February 26, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Southern Gentleman

So I noticed that of all the pics I put up from the Butt Slut Hut Tour I neglected to include one of DustNap.  So here you go, the Flying Dust Pan, in the air and nearly touching his board.  Nice one Dusty....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hut Tour at the Bird

Ah yes, the Dirty Mutha Fukin Bird....  Over the years some of the more industrious and motivated locals have built various safety huts around the mountain.  Some are nothing more than a piece of visquine plastic draped over some upright tree limbs making a teepee-like structure.  Some are very elaborate featuring bench seating, views, extra papers if you need 'em, lost single skis in the ceiling, etc....  Anyway, on Sunday, as a really spring-like storm raged around us we decided to embark on a tour of as many of these huts as we could.  Here is our story....

Danky getting live on a cute little cat track enroute to our first stop

First stop on the Tour de Hut was one that I had never been to.  There used to be another one nearby but this one was new to me.  Teepee steez....

After a quick stop at the first teepee hut we ripped up to Mach Schnell to go to one of the biggest and best huts on the hill.  Here's Gorga gapping at the top of Schnell

Welcome to the HH Hut, you can take off your blindfold now

The HH Hut.  This place has been around for a few seasons, not sure who put it together but damn, nice work buddy!

Valet parking at the HH

Stadium style bench seating in the HH.  Enough room for all your homies and their homies too, and we were the only ones there.  I took a girl here once and when she saw it she said "Wow, you could totally have sex in here!"  Huh, really?  I hadn't thought of that....

Meeting of the Mindless, HH Hut

Blaze one Gorgs

Wow, it must have been cold, look at all that "condensation" in my breath

Peruvian Gulch is closed bitch, ya heard?

My first season out here I only had a chair pass so I rode the Gad Valley a lot.  These days I'm not a big fan of that zone, too many beaters.  But sometimes you gotta sacrifice.  Chair ride to the next stop on the tour with Al and Danky

Next stop on the tour, the Black Forest Snow Cave Hut.  Another one I've never been to but looks like whoever put this one together put in some major off-season work as well

Subterranean Black Forrest Hut.  Nice to get out of the storm and get your mind right.  This hut actually had empty explosives boxes for seating, pretty dope

Pick up your trash fuckface.

After a sketchy shred back to the plaza (there was lightning flashing overhead as we rode) we found out the lifts we shut down.  Makes sense I guess, I mean who wants to get zapped on a chairlift?  So, what better place to hang out than in front of the women's rest room?

If it wasn't for the lightning sending us into the Center I would have never glimpsed the elusive Greater Wasatch Purple Yeti.  Uh, yeah, nice Uggs grandpa

After giving up and buying a 12er, we learned that Peruvian was running again.  Fuck it, stash the beers and lets get a couple more runs!  Danky

Huh, weird.  I thought I was Shawn Boyle?  Oh wait, that's right, I forgot I was Greasy today!  Coiler in line, loving the graupel

Of course when we got done the dicks that drove their 2-wheel drive rigs up the canyon were fucking up the road.  Oh well, circle the wagons, crack a beer and pass the puff.  Danky camped out

If you see these two behind the wheel coming your direction, get the fuck out the way!  I snaked Al and Coiler in line when the traffic started moving.  I made it out pretty unscathed, they got stuck behind a plow truck that slid back down the hill, various 2-wheel stunt drivers and a crashed bus.  Sorry bros!

Ah the wonderful spectacle of pussy drivers, creeping down the hill at less than 10 mph.  Get a clue douchebags.

Well, overall the Butt Slut Hut Tour of '08 was pretty fun.  Collectively I think we lost enough brain cells to make a whole new brain, but that was kinda the point.  I mean, that's what sprin graupel storm days are for, right?  There were a couple more huts that we knew of but hadn't been to in a long time.  Nobody knew for sure if they still stood and we ran out of time to check them out on this day.  Maybe next time....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Old Fukkas on Shred

This could be fun but my back started screaming in protest when I read the word "mogul".  I've got a board ready to go, anybody else for a trip to Donner?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slasher Surf Club

Check out this little vid  of me slashing.  DustNap shot it the other day at the Bird.  This was a pretty nice day of short-Baldy hikes with Danky and DustNap, there's a couple photos from that day below....


So I've been lucky enough to get up to the Bird a few times in the last couple weeks (props to the "Bad Lieutenant", you know who you are), I sure have missed that place.  Did I mention I'm a Weekend Warrior now?  Very interesting after all these years of doing whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want to be limited to standing in line with people looking at trail maps.  There are a lot of familiar faces still running around up there too though, I guess old habits are hard to break, especially when they're as fun as shredding the Bird.  Too bad the powers that be up there are a bunch of fuckin hippies that love skiing.

Got to shred with DankDan and DustNap a couple weeks ago, good thing the Umbrella Tree is still standing
Free Bird....
Superior is pretty much superior...
See what I'm talking about?
Hello, my name is Shawn Boyle....hahaha!  Fuck you!  Thank god for gangsta masks
Duckworth regulating on the crowd of weekend warriors
A familiar sight.  Gee DustNap, you sure have a lot of "condensation" in your breath
Danky soul carving above the the Masses of Beaters
DustNap too
Look out for that rock Dusty (check out Shreddisasters post below)

Earning My Keep

The Grease Family has been kind enough to let me stay at Le Maison de Grease for the last little while.  Little did I know Chris had some "chores" in  mind for me while I was there.  Breaking up the concrete stairs in their driveway for instance...  Oh well, good thing I like to swing the sledgehammer.

Hello, my name is "SnowPatch", but you can call me Homer
Chris thought he was going to be able to drill holes in this thing and would fall apart.  Um, no.
This is what it's all about, hammer that bitch.
You call that a swing?

Oh sweet!  Re-bar!  Did I mention that the former owner of this home also owned a concrete cutting company?  Suffice to say these steps were built to last...and I mean outlast a like a nuclear assault.

So anyway, Chris had to end up renting an electric jackhammer and finishing on Monday.  Unfortunately, I couldn't be there but it sure looked like a lot of fun!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Shit happens on the snow.  Recently, in the course of 4 short days, I witnessed the destruction of two snowboards and a tib/fib fracture by a complete ran-dumb stranger.

Lib Tech has been killing it with Banana Technology this season.  In response Burton has developed "Reverse Banana Technology".  Tim has been doing some R&D for them...

This guy decided he wanted a couple extra joints in his leg so he threw himself into a tree.  This nice ski patrol wanted to check it out so he cut the guys pant leg off.
Dusty mounted his brand new CAPiTA Black Snowboard of Death for a pow day at the Bird.  One and 1/4 runs into it it was a Dead Black Snowboard of Death....



A new look for a new year?  Yeah, I know I'm a month and a half late, so what?

Welcome Bitches

That's right, it's a whole new world of shit spewing forth from what's left of my mind for you to enjoy.  Maybe some words, probably a lot of photos, maybe some video...who knows what you're going to get.  Kind of a lot like me, a loose cannon but in a digital format.  Anyway, here's a link to some other stuff that I've put up in the past at a different address:

Have fun looking at that crap for a minute and then enjoy some new stuff from the life of The Adventure Capitalist, Pouch.

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