Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Powder (Poach) Mountain

Man, it sure is nice to know that there are still some real resorts out there that keep it so real. Powder Mountain is just such a place. I've posted a couple of our Pow-Mow expeditions from this season on here, but this one is different. Even though it's still been dumping here in UT Pow-Mow has been closed for 2 weeks so right now the resort is untouched pow and since the folks there are so down (especially Caroline, big ups to you!) they were kind enough to let us roop our sleds around and do whatever the fuck we wanted all day last Friday. No waivers, no supervision, just a "check in with us when you leave so we'll know you didn't die, ok?". So awesome. Pow-Mow rules....

Siebs says Hi from the top of the Paradise lift, paradise indeed

Siebs and Pashley survey the situation, it's nice to have high friends in places....

Just posting up, smelling 2-stroke fumes where a liftie would normally check your ticket

Built this kick to get over a huge tree stump, think there's enough boost on it? Haha!

All that boost was needed to get over this crotch slasher

Hey! Check my moody ass art!

Legge and Siebs wait for Pash to bring the powder snow skate up, let the shit show begin!

More art steez fool, it ain't all fun and games

So pretty. Untracked lift line runs for the snow skate

Thanks Pash, yes, I would love a drag of that tobacco cigarette...

Pash crashed here....

....and here. Yeah, I know, forgot how to rotate my vert images, whatever. Pash was on a Big Mountain snow skate mission, notice the 4 back flip crash marks? Hahaha!

Jeep commercial? Epic day....again

Thanks Pow Mow, you truly are the coolest resort in UT

Siebs with a dope stale fish, Pashley's shots form this are incredible

Siebs again with a smooth natty front 360

Siebs boosting over the stump and almost landing on me

So I've got tons of hilarious powder snow skate footy but the files are all kinda big. Here's a taste for ya, Pashley eating donuts before he decided to go Big Mountain on us. Check out Puff Puff Pass Productions upcoming video for all the rest

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alta Sux

With spring approaching and more and more resorts closing there are some fun things to do in the Wasatch. Alta, Snowbird's not-so-board-friendly neighbor, has taken to closing during the week up until their last day so technically, if you hike Baldy formt he Bird and cut over.... it's not illegal on a snowboard! Hahahaha! Suck on that hippies!! With that in mind a few of us made the walk up Baldy and crossed the rope line with impunity. Although not as much fun as if there were a bunch of stinky, granola eating, tree hugging, free heel skiers to bitch at us, it was pretty fun. We dropped in, hiked back up to the top of the Wildcat lift (I think) and traversed our way back around to Blackjack and the Tram. Nice. After that it was back to mobbing Chips with the crew. Get it while you can everybody, the warm weather is coming and even Snowbird's gonna close soon....

Wu leads the charge up Baldy

Not so "Welcome to Alta"! Haha!

After a little hot pow it was back to walking Photo: Mike Eichorn

It's interesting to see Mt Superior from another perspective

Yeah, that's me, double fingers to Alta with the Tram in back

"For those about to rock.. FIRE! ....we salute you!"

Mike Eichorn gets some pow, on a board, in Alta...haha!

Ran into this fool on the tram "Please do not smoke"

Deadlung loves spring riding so much it makes him jump for joy...weeeee!

Dubs too

Nuthin' like sunshine, a chairlift and a grit. Deadlung is like the Marlboro Man for a new millenium

Superior is pretty damn superior

Still a lot of snow up there, how long will it last?

Fore, Lung and Dubs mobbing Chips

Deadlung, half-cab over the rope in, fs180 over the rope out

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snowbird: Stuntin' is a Habit

Well, the yearly sadness of Utah resorts closing for the season is upon us. Most of them sit on National Forrest land and are required by their permits to close at a certain date. However, with all the snow that's falling this "spring" it sure makes it a bitter pill to swallow. The one saving grace of this heartbreak is Snowbird, that's right, private land bitches! So since my Canyons pass is not even worth the plastic it's printed on any longer it was time to hit Little Cottonwood Canyon with Biittner, Deadlung, DJ Knucklz and the rest of the crew at a place I like to call "home": Snowbird.

Bird locs are straight up bad ass. Matt "Jr." Jelm gets one last lazy front flip over some not so soft landings before heading to AK and "Man Camp"

Jr again, roast beef three, just riding, no big deal

See way over there? Yeah, that's where we been hiking, check the posts son

Just some Budda Monks giving The Adventure Capitalist thumbs up from the tram dock. Blessed homey, blessed.

Bev and Stacey are down with the Adventure Cap too

Dusty Kilbourne, "The Southern Gentleman", mean Indy off the Chips cat. Check for some more guest photos from Dusty later in this post

Look! A gangster snow thug with Superior and Stacey in the backdrop! Photo: Dusty

Yeah, my old knees can still take a tough landing, fool. Photo: Dusty

This is what happens when you don't totally clear a rope ollie, nice Knucklz

Monday was a little breezy, almost got blown off the chair, check the vid below, whatevs

Here's another Bird loc badass, Dave Surrey over the Mini-Moto WAY before it softened up. One run and done....

Fun on the tram, nice locks Biittner

Dealung decided he doesn't like hip hop anymore, he's starting a Misfits cover band

Monday, the day after almost every resort in UT closed, Biittner, Lung and Knux rule the empty Snowbird tram

Not just another couple of pretty faces, Deadlung and Knux

There was a fun fly-out jump at the bottom of Blackjack Gulley. It boosted you WAY up there and you landed on flat, glue-like slush but is was goodtimes! Biittner boosting

Deadlung with a big 'ol Japan fly-out to flat

Hi! I'm The Adventure Capitalist! If you saw this guy on the Plaza, would you run?

On the way home Knux thought he saw some fools frontin' on us so he drew his piece

Three fine sons of Snowbird and their take on "slow skiing zones"

Deadlung, smooth tail tap, bs 180 over the slow sign....STEEZ!

It was only a little breezy on Monday, the chair is stopped in this vid and we almost got blown out

Misty Guerillas

The season that just won't end continues. After stomping out the Canyons for a couple weeks the crew decided to take a little field trip to Powder Mountain. With only a couple days before closing for the season, Pashley needed to shoot some photos for the resort to use (like I needed an excuse to go to Pow-Mow) so Siebs, Lil-est, Pash and I loaded up the Rossi Bro-mander and off we went last Friday. Unfortunately, Pash's big camera took a shit on the very first run so my trusty Canon SD850 jumped into action giving The Adventure Capitalist our first guest blogger/brotographer (some of these are my shots, check the credits). Check out Pashley's report on Snowboard Mag here

Utah ain't so shabby on the scenery tip

Lil-est should prolly be on this bus, heading to PC High, but instead he was giving a lesson on busting airs and slashing pow today
Gotta love Pow Mow

Haha, how's that camera pack Pashley?

This was our first zone, yeah, we destroyed it

Lil-est throwing some Misty smoke... Photo: Pashley

Damn, so busy at Pow Mow

Lil-est is a growing boy

Check the "rustic" lifts they got at Pow Mow!! Photo: Pashley

The snow cat ain't so rustic! Photo: Pashley

That's my arm... haha! Photo: Pashley

Ah, there's the rest of my shoulder... Photo: Pashley

Lil-est was hitting this gnarly rock into space, so sick Photo: Pashley

Old dog, old tricks. Pouch with the method, Pashley with the shot

Siebs hitting Lil-est's boost rock Photo: Pashley

Again, prints available if you got $$$$!! Photo: Pouch

Siebs was sending it all day Photo: Pashley

Aw, after a hard day shredding Lil Buddies need naps Photo: Pouch

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