Thursday, February 18, 2010


So, after already making a push up to the Memorials and actually being able to get a run in, I borrowed my friend Alex's copy of Wasatch Tours, Volume 2. In it I came across this excellent photo of the Memorials and a couple interesting passages describing them... "a series of "Memorial Couloirs" along the northeast side of the mountain are described briefly at the end of this section for those carefree tourers who have no mortgages to pay and no mistresses to maintain" and "Since the first edition of Wasatch Tours" in 1976, the authors have been informed of only one descent of a Memorial Couloir. The feat was accomplished by Gary Gruvor and Ron Wilson in the early 1980's". Hmmm... well, I'm sure that there have been a few more runs put in there since 1995 but I wonder how many snowboard descents there have been?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hidden Gems in the Backyard

I was finally able to get out with the Provo Bros this weekend. We went off the beaten path and had a look at a spot really close to Salt Lake. Luckily, we found a pretty stable snowpack in the isolated couloir we eventually chose, but after hearing about some of the intense situations that developed this weekend I feel pretty fortunate that everything went well.

First trip out with the new Voile Light Rail bindings, full report coming soon

Even young Jedi lose their balance sometimes... haha

Couloir #5, next time

We moved up slope to Couloir #1

I got my board waxed here on the drive up. Not.

We found a pretty consolidated snowpack

Although there was a weak layer around 18" deep producing relatively non-planar shears we felt it was a go

Down deep the pack seemed to be healing well

Up we go

Working our way up one by one, stopping in "safe spots" to regroup

Gotta say, this was a pretty sick run

Here's Ian, getting SOME!!

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