Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Touring with Cowboy

Got to roll out with my old friend, UAC avalanche forecaster and father of the splitboard Brett "Cowboy" Kobernik. Cowboy witnessed a couple pretty major slides yesterday (check out the UAC site for pics and details here) so he was ready to just get some floaty pow turns today... fine by me!

Small release in Silverfork shot yesterday from Guardsman Pass

Ran into Mrs. Moose and Jr. Moose right off the bat

My view for most of the day

Cowboy is a wealth of knowledge and experience and a non-stop comedy routine

Time for a hasty pit to check out the situation

Things are still pretty thin out there

Block release with little effort

Cowboy insisted that you need to taste the facets to confirm that they are bad... haha

Artsy status

Found a little zone with some surface cracks

Closer up shot of the surface cracking

CowMan gives our first line a thumbs up

That was nice

Soooo artsy

CowMan found a safe spot to try to get some collapsing

The zone seemed like it had already dropped so we dug a pit to check it out

Here's a quick video of the release we got in our last pit

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