Friday, April 16, 2010

April Foolz

Back in the day April Fools used to be a big deal at the Bird. That all went south when word got out what a great party it was. Soon a once locals only event got overrun by valley dwellers with no respect for the mountain. After a few unfortunate events Snowbird banned all costumes on April 1 forever. However, there are a few die-hard old schoolers that still celebrate on the down low. Come take a couple runs with London, Grease, Deadlung, Danky, me and a whole bunch of other Bird Locs. Special thanks to Rebecca Wisot and Dick Bass! Hahaha!!!


Tony said...

Awesome, pouch! Wish I could have been there. Good to see that the 'Bird still looks the same. Thanks for the tour.

Andy Earl said...

Yeah Pouch! that vid turned out awesome. It was such a good day. April 1st.... dope.

Grease said...

Nice hut exit!

Forrest said...

My favorite vid yet!

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