Friday, December 24, 2010


The 2010/11 shred season has gotten off to a blazing start with tons of days in the backcountry already logged. My touring partners have been carrying their big camera bags lately so I've been really bad about shooting photos and especially updating this site. Zach Clanton has been killing it with the shots so far, check out his site for the goods and be sure to bookmark. Went out last week just before this last major storm cycle hit with London, JP Gendron, Mike Craig and Tom Ghelli for a little walk and I remembered my camera this time. Check it out!

London is pretty pumped to go for a big walk

After a 2 hour walk we saw the objective, time to boot straight up that chute

London just kickin' it about halfway up our upper line

And pausing for a look around just before topping out on Kessler Peak

A different look at Mt Raymond from across the canyon

An overcast day makes for some pretty black and white imagery

Made it!

Me and London hamming it up with Superior and the top of Snowbird in the background

All those thousands of steps paying off for London

Air time!! Since she's only 5' tall that must be at least a 20 footer! Haha...

Mission accomplished and another line ticked off the list

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