Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breakfast Jams

Thankfully work has started to mellow out a little bit in the last few weeks and I've been able to get out and enjoy what remains of winter. After our pre-dawn adventure the other day I remembered how much I like the early missions and with a 12:00 noon start time for work and a little new snow I went for another sunrise solo sesh yesterday (3-24-10). Mmmm... two runs sunny side up, slashbrowns and plenty of wind whipped cream for my coffee, just what I needed.

First up to Powerline Pass for the 2nd time this week! First hints of dawn over Little Cottonwood

Here comes the sun just as I moved onto my line. Kinda looks like Indiana Jones discovering where the Ark was buried....

Early morning light on fresh snow, that's a hearty breakfast!

One down, time for seconds

Delicious. That should keep my soul going strong for the day

Done and out of the Canyon by 9:00 am...........

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Andy Earl said...

Yeah Pouch! Hit me up for those early morning missions. We might head back to wolverine tomorrow. Weather could be interesting though.

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