Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini Golf with Ziebert

Yay!!! My snowmobile is back and running great! Super huge thanks going out to my boy Bunyan, the greasiest of monkeys!!! Well, after a shakedown ride on Monday it was time to get out and ride some lines. I had noticed this mini-golf zone last year riding with my sledneck homey's but just didn't get to it last season. With Neil broken and Ian in B.C. getting radical it was down to just me and Z-bert for the mission. So stoked to be back on the Kitty Kat.....

Our base camp under the mini-golf course

After a super quick skin up I was looking for the holes with windmills, clowns, castles and ships

We only found powder. Z-bert, hole in one!

Bert decided to get Johnny Airtime in ski mode. He sank in on the landing and smashed his balls.

Front rolling in

Pow in the trees was reeeal nice
It's hard to see cuz it started snowing pretty good but here's my last line, straight down past the big dead tree. 15 minute skin to get to this.

This was the back nine, but we got chased away by the weather. Next time....

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