Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skiin' With Ian

With Neil Provo heading out at 3am on "official TGR business" to get the early morning sunrise light, big brother Ian Provo and I followed up later to get some turns of our own and survey the righteous lines put in by Neil and the TGR crew. Don't forget to click on any pic for a closer look...

Neil's line to the left and Todd Legere's psycho line on the right

A full view of Cardiac Ridge with lines from left to right by Neil Provo, Todd Legere, Julian Carr and Forrest Shearer

Superior Ridgeline with a couple guys climbing

Yesterday was a scorcher and this shot was taken pretty late to be up this far, these guys got away with one, a sweet line down Superior's face

Radiational heating was creating point releases by early afternoon

Julian Carr's line to the left and Forrest Shearer's to the right

Ian Provo, Superior Ridge, March 1, 2010

I've enjoyed tens of thousands of vertical feet of bliss over there, and almost as many drinks

The world famous Snowbird Plaza as seen from about 3000' feet above

With all that heating going on Ian and I opted for a Northeast facing slope for our exit, jackpot!

1 comment:

Tony said...

Hell yeah Pouch!
Nice shots. Brings me waaaay back to the "good ol' days".
Sounds like you are staying safe and living the life.

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