Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The (almost) 40 Year Old (snowboard camp) Virgin

It's interesting how it seems like paths that you take in your life can repeat themselves or maybe it's just that you tend to take the same path again and again. Many years ago, when I lived in Maine, there came a time when I had not much money, no plan and no responsibilities. My homey, Chef Al, suggested I try out a winter in Utah at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. Well, 15 years of epic winter seasons and hot desert summers later I'm finding myself in a similar situation. Not much money, no plan, no responsibilities... Well, I happened to run into a friend of mine a short time ago, Jason Legge, who had just gotten the job of Head Digger at Windell's Snowboard Camp on Oregon's Mt. Hood. He suggested that I give being a digger a try for a season. Hmm... Well, I'm not the typical fresh-out-of-high-school aspiring pro-shred but, what the hell? Why not. And who knows where this path may lead me? Check back in another 15 years and I'll tell ya all about it.

A great stopping point on the way to OR, my friend Cory Smith and his wife Jen's rad home in Sun Valley, ID

A new edition to the Smith Family, Miss Sophie Smith...

...and an old friend, Indy Smith, aka: The Angry Badger

These are their neighbors, The Foxes. Indy actually plays with one of these fox parents, nature is funny... Here's Mrs. Fox with one of the kids

I got to break in my new Kona Unit 29er with Cory, check out the fire damage on the hillside. I was in Sun Valley last summer while these fires were burning, gnarly....

Onward to Portland and another couple of awesome friends, Tony Pereira and (his soon to be wife) Lucy. Tony is one of my first friends that I met when I moved to SLC, we go way back. He now lives in Portland and makes some of the most beautiful custom built bike frames

Next stop, Mt Hood, this is where I'm going to be spending my summer suckers...

Stayed tuned to The Adventure Capitalist as this should be an "interesting" summer. I'm also going to be writing blogs for Windell's Snowboard Camp, I'll post a link when I start them up in a couple weeks so you can waste some more time at work reading them too.


ben said...

i'm jealous pouch!!!!!! keep us posted.

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Such a lovely place. I am big fan of snowboarding,BMX and used dc or vans trainers uk for riding what you guys wear ?

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