Friday, May 2, 2008

May-ry Xmas or May-Day, May-Day!

Do April showers really bring May flowers? Hard to tell this year because the showers in April were snow, not rain, and the May flowers so far have been buried by fresh powder. With BBQ season on hold, what better thing to do than load up the sleds, boards and the pow snow skate and hit one of our favorite zones, the Snake Farm. We rallied at Pashley's house, went over our "safety procedures" and went for it. It was a little dry on the ride out to the zone but it was so worth it. Awesome pow, a fun wishbone tree slide and crazy tricks on the snow skate. Epic May-Day!

Highway to Heber, May 1st? Seriously?

Pash hauls up the pow snow skate, this thing is SO FUN

Siebs feels 10 lbs lighter after chunking a backcountry deuce

High alpine safety meeting

It must have been really cold up there, look at Siebs "breath"!

This was the most perfect pow snow skate run I've seen, and we milked it

My line, no big deal

Me making my line photo: Pashley

Snow surfing? Pash goes off the top like Andy Irons...

...and very nearly rode away from this airwalk. Check back for a link some dope sequences

Siebs was getting so x-treme, snow skate cliff drop photo: Pashley

Siebs handling some May pow photo: Pashley

Seclusion Blaze keeping it safe

Siebs makes a take off and sizes up his snow skate cliff line

Click to enlarge this pic and check my line up high

Heber looking pretty green down there

Well, I guess we didn't keep it safe enough cuz Pash wiped out and I ran over him... with his own sled

Next stop: Heber Valley Medical Center! Yeah!

I think Pash was more upset that I ruined his favorite beanie with blood stains

With friends like me, who needs enemies?

After a stop at the best Mex in UT, Tarahumarrah, Pash's head started bleeding a little again so we went to the hospital and left with a half-dozen staples. Awesome.

Siebs, wishbone tree-slide

Siebs absolutely killing some pow... in May

First of five tries on the extreme snow skate cliff line

If you're squeamish, don't watch this vid. Pash with a smiley face on the back of his head. I suck.

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Zboy said...

I just came across your blog and it's sick dude! Stoked on all the pix, I've been doing some May pow shredding myself in Colorado. I have a blog too,, you might like it... Please lemme know if you do! Keep up the shred, later

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