Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keeping Out of the ER

After our last backcountry mission on May 1st I figured I'd been out on the sleds for the last time this season. But no, the season that just won't quit decided to give us yet another taste of winter weather before summer takes over. We didn't get the full foot that Colorado received but it was good enough to rally the troops, assemble the machines and snow toys and hit up the Snake Farm. The amount of dirt you have to ride to get to the goods is growing everyday but we pressed on and no one even went to the ER this time.... nice.

We drove right past the normal parking zone and went a good ways up the trail, but we still had to shred some dirt on the sleds

Just to make sure we weren't playing it too safe we decided to bring a giant bow saw

And put it to good use

This spot is so sick for a jump, long steep landing. I'll just drive a couple spikes into this log-jam...

This thing was so sick. Big, smooth, great landing, the sled tow-in was even nice and easy

Siebs killed it again, peep this shot on Transworld's home page

After we seshed the log for a while it was pow skate time again!

Check the looks on Pash and Sieb's faces... classic

Siebs, bindingless surf style layback

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