Monday, May 26, 2008

Ark Life

So my first week as a Windell's Snowboard Camp digger has been quite an initiation. All the employees live in a quaint little old motorcourt style motel Known as "The Ark" located about a mile down Oregon Highway 26 from the main Windell's campus area..Years of camp workers have left their mark on The Ark adding to the "flavor" of our living experience. Pretty funny stuff.... There is a flurry of activity around the camp lately as everyone pitches in to make the camp ready for the first session of the summer, coming up quick on June 6.

The fabulous Ark Motel in all it's splendor

Here's some cute graffiti I found on the outside of the Ark. No thanks, I'm good...

The Ark gets it's name from the replica of Noah's Ark out front. The giraffe seems to be giving me a look of, "Haha, if you only knew what you were in for!"

This is my boss.

First order of business, haul all the rail features out of the field, get them out of the rain, strip off all the winter crap that has accumulated along with the paint from last summer and get them repaired and repainted

Luckily we've got B.O.B. (Building out Back), home of Windell's indoor skatepark to get out of the rain and clean up the rails

Boss man, head digger Jason Legge leading by example, grinding rails, but not in the way you would normally think. Note the OSHA approved particle mask....

Jamie Weller and his skate crew have been hard at work too pouring concrete for some awesome new skate features. Nice work homies

Our first night in the Ark, with a few cold ones of course. Young Max aka "Roy" was easily talked into shaving a mohawk

Looking really good there Roy...

Man of many talents, Jason Legge. Double-blind thumb trick shotguns. Nice steez

The Grinch found a good place to hide while we wild out

Legge again, boredom at the Ark leads to Travis Pastrana emulation

Z Siebs finally showed up, after all the work was done, and pounded out this rainy twilight boardslide right out the front door of the Ark

See you next time....

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ben said...

i am defenitely coming to visit!!!!

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