Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Powder (Poach) Mountain

Man, it sure is nice to know that there are still some real resorts out there that keep it so real. Powder Mountain is just such a place. I've posted a couple of our Pow-Mow expeditions from this season on here, but this one is different. Even though it's still been dumping here in UT Pow-Mow has been closed for 2 weeks so right now the resort is untouched pow and since the folks there are so down (especially Caroline, big ups to you!) they were kind enough to let us roop our sleds around and do whatever the fuck we wanted all day last Friday. No waivers, no supervision, just a "check in with us when you leave so we'll know you didn't die, ok?". So awesome. Pow-Mow rules....

Siebs says Hi from the top of the Paradise lift, paradise indeed

Siebs and Pashley survey the situation, it's nice to have high friends in places....

Just posting up, smelling 2-stroke fumes where a liftie would normally check your ticket

Built this kick to get over a huge tree stump, think there's enough boost on it? Haha!

All that boost was needed to get over this crotch slasher

Hey! Check my moody ass art!

Legge and Siebs wait for Pash to bring the powder snow skate up, let the shit show begin!

More art steez fool, it ain't all fun and games

So pretty. Untracked lift line runs for the snow skate

Thanks Pash, yes, I would love a drag of that tobacco cigarette...

Pash crashed here....

....and here. Yeah, I know, forgot how to rotate my vert images, whatever. Pash was on a Big Mountain snow skate mission, notice the 4 back flip crash marks? Hahaha!

Jeep commercial? Epic day....again

Thanks Pow Mow, you truly are the coolest resort in UT

Siebs with a dope stale fish, Pashley's shots form this are incredible

Siebs again with a smooth natty front 360

Siebs boosting over the stump and almost landing on me

So I've got tons of hilarious powder snow skate footy but the files are all kinda big. Here's a taste for ya, Pashley eating donuts before he decided to go Big Mountain on us. Check out Puff Puff Pass Productions upcoming video for all the rest

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