Friday, March 14, 2008

Biittner Takes Care of Biznazz

Aaron Biittner is a shredder, and he's a good kid. Being a top pro shred these days is not just all first class plane seats and groupies.  He takes care of biznazz when it needs to get done.  The other night I got to sit in on just such a TCB occasion, a photo shoot for Onboard Digital Snowboard Mag.  The idea is basically a "Pro Kits" piece but in a video format, with a female model stripping out of the rider's gear down to a bikini, nice.  Get the idea, check out Stevie Bell's "Set Ups" here, (the video is in the lower left corner)

So I posted up and got a couple shots, check back soon and hopefully I'll have part 2 with some bikini girl shots!

Set it up fool

"Yeah, that's it, make love to the camera!"

"Whoa, not that much love..."

Nice work Biittner, have a smoke

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