Monday, March 3, 2008

Circle the Wagons

So, I've been hiding out most of this winter, lurking in the suburbs of Park City and tromping around in the backcountry.  Not much going out to the bars for me.  But all things must change, even if it means going back to the routines that are familiar.  I've been camping out in the Valley for the last couple weeks, and going out and seeing all the homies again was right up at the top of my list.  Friday nights at the Circle Lounge are good times.  DJ Harry Furburger (aka J2) and DJ Bennee Blanco (aka Justin Bennee) usually spin records and you can usually count on Knucklz to take a turn on the wheels, maybe even a freestyle from Concise Kilgore or whoever wants to step to the mic.  You never know for sure what you're gonna get....other than really wasted.

Hit up Knucklz place to fukk around in the studio and get our pre-party on 
Mad musical scientist DJ Knucklz at work in his lab
Get to the Circle and run into these fools
Yeah, thanks for the love Knux
Bennee, Saydah and Arthur, shred bro from France
Bromance was in the air
See what I mean? PlumbBob and Knux get loose

Nothing like triple fisting to really get the party started
E Stone, Ethan Fortier, snowboard industry kingpin and old school Vermont shred.  Think he's not?  Check the vid of this freestyle after the bar was empty.  I can just hear him and Brushie battling on the mic like it was 1993 all over again....

Oh look!  It's the new Bud LIght promo girl!  Smile Bev, you know you rock

Melissa lining up the after party

Dawn and Bev, I like this shot, so artsy

We got back to Knucklz place and there were cops parked out front.  Luckily they were busting some crack heads in the apartments across the street.  Is that egg on the roof of this cruiser?

Hmm....  Looks like somebody doesn't like cops

Thank god Knucklz got a bunch of liquor store beers and a bottle of Wild Turkey....NOT!

The home stretch, it was daylight out when I left

Melissa, put this drunken fool to bed.  Goodnight Salt Lake, or should I say good morning?

So here's a little follow up, I spent most of Saturday in bed until about 4:30 om when I had to get up and start puking.  I figured I'd spare you, my loyal reader, the puke pics.  Just another day in the life.  Old enough to know better, too dumb to do anything about it....

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