Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moonlighting with Cory Smith

I've been good friends with Cory Smith for more than few years now.  Cory is the Snow Team Manager for a major eyewear brand and we traveled together for a few years to several snowboard events around the country and even to Canada for an incredible trip to Baldface Lodge with Snowboarder Magazine.  We split hotel rooms, condos and rental cars saving dollars on both of our budgets to be put to more constructive uses... you know, like expensive dinners and booze.  Some of the stunts we pulled on tour are better left unsaid here and God only knows how our brains and livers have survived.  
Cory has always been an Art Fag, filming, editing and producing numerous team videos, sales meeting presentations and commercials for Smith.  Recently Cory and his super cool wife, Jen, have become parents to a beautiful daughter, Sophie, and being a good Dad/Art Fag, Cory decided to get himself a digital SLR camera.  The idea was to document his daughter growing up and maybe take a few shots of his team riders and travels around the globe.  When Cory sent me some samples of his new "hobby" I was not surprised to see magazine quality shots right off the bat.  What a goldbricking moonlighter!  Here's a few samples....

It's amazing that Sophie can be so cute and still kinda look like her Dad

Here's Cory putting in yet another hard day of "work"

Travis Kennedy boosts one over the sleds

This is the one that really caught my eye, Wyatt Caldwell on the Moon

Miller Time after another hard day at the "office"

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