Monday, March 3, 2008

iChatting With the Homies, Pt. 2- Aaron Biittner

Well, damn, it's looking like this is actually going to be a weekly feature!  Episode 2 of iChatting with the Homies is with Aaron Biittner.  Biittner is a pro shred from right here in good 'ol SLC!  Biittner's pops has worked at the Bird for a long time and consequently Aaron and his sister Libby (who is a bad ass freeskier BTW) grew up shredding there.  It's no wonder they both shred, I mean what a place to learn your snow skills.  These days Biittner is one of the marquis head-to-toe riders for DC Shoes (although now they are DC shoes, boots, threads and boards) and travels the world filming with the top snow vid production company, Mack Dawg Productions, and doing select contests here and there.  It's great to see the homeboys doing it up big and Biittner deserves it, styles for miles.  Biittner just got back from a van tour of Europe and went straight to Northstar-at-Tahoe for the annual Vans Cup rail jam.  I caught up with him Monday morning right after he got back, here's the chat.
As always, if you click on the dialogue boxes they will enlarge so you can read 'em better...

Aaron Biittner, fresh off the plane from Europe, Vans Cup Rail Jam, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Feb 29, 2008.  Andy Wright photo, sorry andy I stole it off TWS

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