Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Misty Guerillas

The season that just won't end continues. After stomping out the Canyons for a couple weeks the crew decided to take a little field trip to Powder Mountain. With only a couple days before closing for the season, Pashley needed to shoot some photos for the resort to use (like I needed an excuse to go to Pow-Mow) so Siebs, Lil-est, Pash and I loaded up the Rossi Bro-mander and off we went last Friday. Unfortunately, Pash's big camera took a shit on the very first run so my trusty Canon SD850 jumped into action giving The Adventure Capitalist our first guest blogger/brotographer (some of these are my shots, check the credits). Check out Pashley's report on Snowboard Mag here

Utah ain't so shabby on the scenery tip

Lil-est should prolly be on this bus, heading to PC High, but instead he was giving a lesson on busting airs and slashing pow today
Gotta love Pow Mow

Haha, how's that camera pack Pashley?

This was our first zone, yeah, we destroyed it

Lil-est throwing some Misty smoke... Photo: Pashley

Damn, so busy at Pow Mow

Lil-est is a growing boy

Check the "rustic" lifts they got at Pow Mow!! Photo: Pashley

The snow cat ain't so rustic! Photo: Pashley

That's my arm... haha! Photo: Pashley

Ah, there's the rest of my shoulder... Photo: Pashley

Lil-est was hitting this gnarly rock into space, so sick Photo: Pashley

Old dog, old tricks. Pouch with the method, Pashley with the shot

Siebs hitting Lil-est's boost rock Photo: Pashley

Again, prints available if you got $$$$!! Photo: Pouch

Siebs was sending it all day Photo: Pashley

Aw, after a hard day shredding Lil Buddies need naps Photo: Pouch

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