Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Backcountry Barney

Riding in the backcountry is a special thing, especially when it's been snowing for going on two weeks straight. It can be dangerous out there and you need to take responsibility for yourself and be respectful of others. For the most part hippy backcountry types are pretty mellow and just want to enjoy some nature, but today we met... Backcountry Barney. What a douche. This guy and his buddy followed us out a boot path that we broke trail for, walked past us without even saying hi and moved on to drop into a completely different aspect 100+ yards away from us. But not before telling us not to drop in on top of them. Well, ok, since our crews were shredding two totally different areas, shouldn't be a problem. We caught our breath for a minute and then dropped into what could have been one of the dopest pow runs of the year, a pretty safe line through some trees, no big deal.
Well, apparently it was a big deal to Backcountry Barney, who, after riding so slow that we had passed him somewhere during our run, decided he wanted to chastise our crew for "dropping in above him". Right. The kook just wouldn't shut up about it either and nearly got himself a 1st class backcountry beatdown. Well Barney, just because we're not wearing a helmet, Voile and LifeLink head to toe doesn't mean we don't know what we're doing so eat a dick.
The best part about it was the very next run, in nearly the very same spot, we met some totally cool skiers dudes! They even joined us for a little sacrifice to the snow gods that have been so kind to us recently. I guess the point of story is yes, safety in the backcountry is paramount, but so is a good attitude. Peace brother..... or I'll choke your ass out.

A new member of the Januapril pow crew joined us today, Scotty Arnold, aka "SCO-Dubs" aka "Arnie 5000", from the wilds of Newfoundland straight to some epic late season Canyons pow

Lil-est karate chopped a stick in half over the now dead-end log jam, this thing is fun

Here we go again, this walk is getting to be 2nd nature for me...

....which is good because after a late night and a bottle of $2 Buck Chuck (that's Charles Shaw wine from Trader Joe's for those of you that don't know) this is what I looked like. Yes, I know, I'm pretty

We were so worked up after our altercation with Backcountry Barney we needed to have a double dolce break to cool down, surprising, eh?

Rossi TM Pashley leading by example.... nice line homey!

Unfortunately the landing didn't go so hot and Pash had to ride it out gogg-less. Those are them in his hand... Haha! ouch.

Lil-est busting... and slashing out

Z-Siebs, so rasta...buck!

And after building up a rasta appetite what's better than Tara Humara treats? Nothing. Sorry Lil-est! Haha!

Arnie 5000 is an artist, obviously. What you drawing Arnie?

Oh right, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

...on a skateboard, jumping over a pit of hell-fire. Nice.
More snow on the way tonight. It blows my mind to realize the resort is closing for the season in just 4 more days while we're having some of the most epic conditions possible. Check back tomorrow for some more Adventure Capitalist attacking radical Januapril pow....

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