Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alta Sux

With spring approaching and more and more resorts closing there are some fun things to do in the Wasatch. Alta, Snowbird's not-so-board-friendly neighbor, has taken to closing during the week up until their last day so technically, if you hike Baldy formt he Bird and cut over.... it's not illegal on a snowboard! Hahahaha! Suck on that hippies!! With that in mind a few of us made the walk up Baldy and crossed the rope line with impunity. Although not as much fun as if there were a bunch of stinky, granola eating, tree hugging, free heel skiers to bitch at us, it was pretty fun. We dropped in, hiked back up to the top of the Wildcat lift (I think) and traversed our way back around to Blackjack and the Tram. Nice. After that it was back to mobbing Chips with the crew. Get it while you can everybody, the warm weather is coming and even Snowbird's gonna close soon....

Wu leads the charge up Baldy

Not so "Welcome to Alta"! Haha!

After a little hot pow it was back to walking Photo: Mike Eichorn

It's interesting to see Mt Superior from another perspective

Yeah, that's me, double fingers to Alta with the Tram in back

"For those about to rock.. FIRE! ....we salute you!"

Mike Eichorn gets some pow, on a board, in Alta...haha!

Ran into this fool on the tram "Please do not smoke"

Deadlung loves spring riding so much it makes him jump for joy...weeeee!

Dubs too

Nuthin' like sunshine, a chairlift and a grit. Deadlung is like the Marlboro Man for a new millenium

Superior is pretty damn superior

Still a lot of snow up there, how long will it last?

Fore, Lung and Dubs mobbing Chips

Deadlung, half-cab over the rope in, fs180 over the rope out


Forrest said...

Good Work!

cousinjake said...

i was there for the alta mission, good times. I just found this blog from peeping, it's sweet that someone's recording all the funboarding that goes down at the bird, yeah pouch!

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