Monday, April 7, 2008

Welcome to "Januapril"

It just keeps going and going and going..... As a matter of fact, they've had to add a new month to the calendar, I give you: Januapril. You know, when the April showers are dumping January style pow... that's Januapril. Another day at The Can, taking care of business, making sure all the boot paths off of 9990 are kicked in and cleaning up all that icky powder. Haha!

Yup, woke up to this. Again.

When the village at The Can looks like this, oh yeah, it's on

I love it when the family apres is just steps away from the ganja

Pashley and Lil-est have a "special" relationship

Usual suspects on the chair; Ghostface Killah, Tim, Ian, Lil-est and Pashley

Artsy shot of Junior (Lil-est) popping off a pole jam log

Business as usual on Square Top, we kill shit

Just a mellow couple hikes in sick pow... no big deal

Earn it fools. Siebs, Lil-est and Pash summiting Square Top

Tim is the man. He's a super Canyons loc and does some serious work on the logs around the resort in the off-season. Here he is, getting a shit sandwich from one of his creations

Meanwhile, at the Bird, Deadlung was handling Baldy and filming it

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