Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Marching Powder, Pt. 2- April Fools

Spring? March went out like a lion and the April Showers have so far brought some damn fine pow turns. Back to The Canyons again for another day of 9990 hikes under blue skies. Littlest had to go to school (for a change) but Pashley was in and we met up with Zach Siebert and Tim and his homey from the Hotel at Canyons. I've got a couple rad little movies at the bottom of the post so check 'em and the photos.

No April Fools here, Square Top looking good first thing April 1

Top of the hike first run with Tim checking the view to the Salt Lake Valley

First run Tuesday we went right back to our last run from yesterday, still looking nice

Here's a little art steez for ya, prints are available if you got the $$$$, hehe...

Tim digs deep into his first run

Siebs takes a look back at our lines, nice work dudes

Team photo op/dolce roll-up after some epic April pow turns

Pash takes a look at some guy throwing a method into the pow (click to enlarge)

Littlest's practice tree, check the boobs and vagine, sheep herder style

My new favorite Mex, Tarahumara in Midway, DEF worth the drive

Pash and Siebs attack the salsa bar, so legit

Pork loin braised in chile verde served burrito style? Are you kidding me?

Hellados Michoachana holmes....

Epic pow turns: check, stuffed to capacity with all-time Mex: check, Kujo attack: oh hell yeah that's a check!

Siebs brings it home and Tim opens it up

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