Friday, April 4, 2008

Marching Powder, Pts. 4 & 5

It just keeps going.... Snow most of this week, now some sun, and more snow on the way. Oh yeah, don't forget some outdoor free concerts at the Can. Yikes. So no hikes on Thursday but I went for a shred anyway, you know, just to keep the legs loose...haha! After shred apparently Utah's own Slightly Stoopid played and every underage drinker in 15 miles showed up to have some brews and hit the mosh pit dude.

This is where I would have been riding on Thursday if I was as badass as the day before. Check our lines

Nice "Jager Bear" dude, way to keep the dream alive...Slightly Stoopid?

This chick was there, nice can baby

Oh yeah, and this guy. Ryan "Milf Hunter" Field. Work trip homey? Right....

You know it's a party when Dig It Dave is there

So after ignoring the concert, drinking a flat of beer (that's 24 in Canada son) and watching all kinds of people fall in the mud we decided some sake and more beer would be a great idea. You know, it would really help us out with our mission to Powder Mt. in the morning. Awesome. No pics from that portion of the night but suffice it to say, we didn't make it Pow Mow. So shocking. I think somebody put some Colombian Devils Breath in my drink. So back to the Can for some more sunny slashes and and another underage fiesta with Metal Gods.... which we didn't stick around for.

Littlest couldn't make it today cuz he was getting himself an ID. Here it is. I guess "McLovin" was already taken

The crew for today was solid. Thanks to Luke Edgar from Rossi for hooking us up with some hangover fighting burger-fuel for the hikes...yes, I said hikes, plural

This guy was there today, apparently he's been bringing it toughly with tight pants and samurai steez since 1943

Now this is good times. Ow, my lung.

Don't worry bro, apparently it happens to men your age all the time

Siebs throwing some shit up

Pash, sporting sunnies and the latest in technical hoodies, covered up

See the tram over there? Well click on the pic and look closer!

Yes, Luke comes through again. Who else would carry icy Tecates up here?

Siebs getting live on some windlips

It looks like this through my goggles a lot lately

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Forrest said...

I cant believe your lazy ass is hiking, damn you are making Boyle and the boys look lazy!

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