Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Marching Powder, Pt. 3-You call this Spring?

Wow, this is supposed to be springtime? Man it seems like every morning I wake up to more powder! The legs were definitely feeling it for Day Three of stomping out hike laps at the Canyons with the homies, but we pushed through and it was epic.... again.

After missing day Two for "school" (pffft) Littlest was back on the roster

Misty morning rolling from Kimball towards The Can

Pashley handles business while Littlest handles durty biznazz

Seriously dude? Did you not notice the pow the last three days? You really think shorts are a good call today?

Wow, sick day to break out the carve board bro....

Um, yeah, skiing looks like a barrel of laughs

Tim leads the way again today. Nothing like chasing a clean living shred that likes to ride with Cat 2 road cyclists for fun. Ouch, my lungs...

"Big Mountain Littlest" and Pash kick it

Pash flashes the vagine sign while "Kip Dynamite" feeds the pony

Tim getting some windlip boost

Skiers get ready to attack our zone

Tim contemplates runnin' em down

Littlest and Tim

"Tim, we're over here!"

"Yeah, let me know when you guys are done"

On the menu for today: some trees, powder slashes and rock bands


Anonymous said...

i blew it by not shredding...dang. rad stuff dood. -ian

dennis the menace said...

pouch uzzzzz the sheat bra,keep it commin'

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